About Us


Mayrose Care Services is founded on the ethos of ‘treat others as you would want them to treat you’. Nobody wants to be maltreated, therefore nobody should maltreat others. This ethos is dear to the heart of the founder. It underpins everything we do, from the way we recruit, vet, train and support our staff to the way we provide care to our service users and how we relate with their significant others through to the way we run our company. This is what makes us unique.

We take the phrase “Caring and Compassionate” to heart. We do everything humanly possible to make sure our service users are given the best possible care, and that they are made to feel safe, confident and happy in our care. We adhere to the National Care Standards which is the guideline upon which the Care Quality Commission Inspects all Social Care Provision in England. We have a complaint policy and procedure for anyone who may wish to make a complaint. We also appreciate complements.


We take recruitment, training as well as thorough vetting of our staff seriously. The people we care for are vulnerable individuals. We have legal responsibility to make sure they are not exposed to harm or abuse of any kind. We use available systems and processes to vet applicants prior to offering them a post within our company.

We also continue to monitor our staff by doing regular spot checks and staff reviews and appraisals. The founder is a qualified nurse with over twenty years’ experience dedicated to elderly care and team management. All this helps to lay a firm base from which we all operate. Career progression and continuous professional development is highly encouraged within our organisation. What you get is a well-trained, compassionate, professional workforce whose priority is to provide safe and quality care to you or your loved ones.


Our pricing is competitive, transparent and cost effective. No hidden extras. No surprises. Pricing is agreed upon in advance and is based on your agreed package of care (POC). When you make first contact with Mayrose Care Services by phone, email, or in person, we will provide you information about our service and answer any questions you may have.

An appointment will be made for one of our assessors to visit you at home to assess your needs. This is called ‘Care Needs Assessment.’ A package of Care (also known as POC) will be compiled based on this care needs assessment. How much you pay for your care will be based on your POC. Give us a call to find out more.